Tshakule Service Providers was formed in 2002 by Mrs. Tshiliwade T. Luvhani. Tshakule Service Providers has acquired its full accreditation status under the Health and Welfare SETA accreditation number: HW592A0600284 Since its inception Tshakule managed to secure contracts with various governmental departments. Tshakule Service Providers has extended its learning programs to Forestry SETA (FIETA). So far, the company has acquired the approval on Chainsaw Operator and Brush-cutter Operator learning programs. The company has also acquired accreditation on Plant and Animal Production Level 1 from AgriSETA.

Primary focus

The corporation’s primary focus is the provision of healthcare services to institutions, companies, communities and individuals. The corporation is deeply committed to render its minimal contribution in the country’s endeavours to meet the prioritised healthcare demands of our society, in general, and rural communities, in particular.

Cornerstone strategy

To this end the corporation have embraced, as its cornerstone strategy, guidelines contained in various policy documents. Amongst others, the White Paper for the Transformation of the Health System in South Africa (April 1997); HIV & AIDS; and STD Strategic Plan for SA 2007-2011; The PHC Package for SA –A Set of Norms and Standards; Managing the Impact of HIV & AIDS in SADC; Strategic Priorities for the NHS 2004-2009; etc.


Gap analysis

It is in this context that the corporation conducted a gap analysis in the healthcare sector and identified problems and challenges. Appropriate solutions were formulated and developed around such problems and challenges. These solutions were packaged as potential business services to be rendered to the target market.

To address capacity challenges it is the corporation’s stated objective to forge links with likeminded entities in the whole of the SADC sub-region. The corporation will leverage these links, once forged, to pursue synergies that may exist among such partners in order to benefit the client-base with dedicated and targeted healthcare interventions.